Teen Full Course

30-hour Classroom Training (including parent class)

8-hour Behind-The-Wheel Training 

Certificate of Completion (insurance discounts) 

Weekly On-site Testing is available for $100.00

Classes: Held on Mon, Tues, Wed from 5:30-7:30

30-hour Classroom Training: Students are eligible to enroll for classes on their 16th birthday. The classroom training will help students identify, evaluate and consider how to manage risk.

8-hour Behind-The-Wheel Training: Once a student has their permit, road sessions may be scheduled. A mutual time for both the student and instructor is easily arranged. Our state certified instructors teach students all the necessary skills for safe driving as well as risk avoidance, parking in the city, and highway driving as well as preparing for the DMV road test. 

**Driving hours may be scheduled once a student has completed all 15 classes and balance is paid off**

Payments: Pay in full at registration or payment plans can also be arranged.

 We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds once the student has attended the first class

Thank you for trusting your child with Central Driving School along with thousands of others!